Report: NFL deems low Peyton Manning strike legal

Corey Liuget initial contacted Peyton Manning above a knee. (CBS)

Peyton Manning hobbled off a margin late in Sunday’s diversion over a Chargers though after an MRI Monday, Broncos halt manager Jack Del Rio pronounced a 37-year-old quarterback will start subsequent Sunday when Denver faces undefeated Kansas City.

The Associated Press reported Monday that a MRI did not uncover any serve repairs to Manning’s right ankle.

But one emanate lingers: Will a NFL retaliate Chargers defensive lineman Corey Liuget for a low strike that re-aggravated a high-ankle twist that has worried Manning for most of a season?

Del Rio has asked a joining to examination a play though a Denver Post‘s Mike Klis reports that a NFL has ruled a tackle was within a manners “…because Liuget primarily done hit with his helmet to Manning’s thigh area. Liuget wrapped his arms next a knee, though it was a initial hit above a knee that done it legal.”

You can see in a shade shots above that Liuget primarily contacted Manning above his knee. Still, we’ve seen flags thrown for obtuse (but still legal) offenses.

Put another way: You consider Tom Brady or Drew Brees get that call?

And this isn’t about some quarterbacks removing flags while others don’t. That happens, for sure, though this is about a ubiquitous unity in a coercion of a rules. It’s a lot easier to follow them when, we know, they’re celebrated with some consistency.

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